LN-BS10 Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Release Date August 28, 2015
Previous Set LN-BS09 Amagi Brilliant Park
Next Set LN-BS11 Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou


88 standard cards(8 Super Rare/26 Rare/17 Uncommon/37 Common), 32 parallel rares.

Preorder boxes come with 1 [Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka] tin badge and 1 copy of Hestia P-003  promo card.

Rarity OddsEdit

Rarity pulls are not fixed. These values are only approximate counts of the amount of rarities you will pull per box.

Common~ 91 
Uncommon~ 39 
Rare~ 25
SR~ 5

There is a random chance to pull a Neo Parallel in every box.

Card ListEdit

Card ID Card Name Color Rarity
01-001 Bell Cranel Red Super Rare
01-002 Bell Cranel Red Super Rare
01-003 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-004 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-005 Bell Cranel Red Uncommon
01-006 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-007 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-008 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-009 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-010 Bell Cranel Red Rare
01-011 Bell Cranel Red Uncommon
01-012 Bell Cranel Red Common
01-013 Bell Cranel Red Uncommon
01-014 Hestia Blue Super Rare
01-015 Hestia Blue Super Rare
01-016 Hestia Blue Rare
01-017 Hestia Blue Rare
01-018 Hestia Blue Rare
01-019 Eina Tulle Blue Rare
01-020 Eina Tulle Blue Rare
01-021 Ryuu Lyon Blue Rare
01-022 Hephaestus Blue Rare
01-023 Hephaestus Blue Rare
01-024 Freya Blue Rare
01-025 Freya Blue Rare
01-026 Mia Grand Blue Rare
01-027 Hestia Blue Uncommon
01-028 Hestia Blue Rare
01-029 Hestia Blue Common
01-030 Hestia Blue Uncommon
01-031 Hestia Blue Common
01-032 Eina Tulle Blue Uncommon
01-033 Eina Tulle Blue Common
01-034 Eina Tulle Blue Common
01-035 Eina Tulle Blue Common
01-036 Ryuu Lyon Blue Common
01-037 Ryuu Lyon Blue Common
01-038 Hephaestus Blue Common
01-039 Hephaestus Blue Uncommon
01-040 Freya Blue Uncommon
01-041 Freya Blue Common
01-042 Mia Grand Blue Common
01-043 Aizu Wallenstein Green Super Rare
01-044 Aizu Wallenstein Green Super Rare
01-045 Aizu Wallenstein Green Rare
01-046 Aizu Wallenstein Green Rare
01-047 Syr Flova Green Rare
01-048 Ganesha Green Rare
01-049 Aizu Wallenstein Green Rare
01-050 Aizu Wallenstein Green Common
01-051 Aizu Wallenstein Green Common
01-052 Aizu Wallenstein Green Uncommon
01-053 Aizu Wallenstein Green Common
01-054 Aizu Wallenstein Green Common
01-055 Aizu Wallenstein Green Uncommon
01-056 Aizu Wallenstein Green Common
01-057 Syr Flova Green Uncommon
01-058 Syr Flova Green Common
01-059 Ganesha Green Common
01-060 Liliruca Arde Yellow Super Rare
01-061 Liliruca Arde Yellow Super Rare
01-062 Loki Yellow Rare
01-063 Loki Yellow Rare
01-064 Arnya Flomel Yellow Rare
01-065 Liliruca Arde Yellow Rare
01-066 Liliruca Arde Yellow Common
01-067 Liliruca Arde Yellow Uncommon
01-068 Liliruca Arde Yellow Common
01-069 Liliruca Arde Yellow Common
01-070 Liliruca Arde Yellow Common
01-071 Liliruca Arde Yellow Common
01-072 Liliruca Arde Yellow Uncommon
01-073 Loki Yellow Common
01-074 Arnya Flomel Yellow Common
01-075 Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Red Rare
01-076 Bloody Red Uncommon
01-077 Present Red Common
01-078 Brand New Equipment Red Common
01-079 Money Conversion Blue Common
01-080 Status Update Blue Rare
01-081 Jealousy Blue Uncommon
01-082 Sword Princess Green Rare
01-083 Hostess of Fertility Green Common
01-084 Date Green Rare
01-085 Training Green Uncommon
01-086 Displeased Yellow Common
01-087 Sleeping Together Yellow Common
01-088 Sales Promotion Yellow Uncommon

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