LN-BS11 Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou
Release Date September 18, 2015
Previous Set LN-BS10 Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka
Next Set LN-BS12 Chaos Dragon


88 standard cards

Preorder boxes come with a probability of 1 autograph card, and a ticket to claim 1 copy of Urushibara Shizuno "P-003" and 1 randomized Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou tin badge.

Rarity OddsEdit

Rarity pulls are not fixed. These values are only approximate counts of the amount of rarities you will pull per box.

Common~ ??  
Rare~ ?? 
SR~ ??

There is a random chance to pull a Neo Parallel in every box.

Card ListEdit

Card ID Card Name Color Rarity
01-001 Haimura Moroha Green Super Rare
01-002 Haimura Moroha Green Rare
01-003 Haimura Moroha Green Rare
01-004 Haimura Moroha Green Rare
01-005 Flaga Green Common
01-006 Shu Saura Green Common
01-007 Haimura Moroha Green Common
01-008 Haimura Moroha Green Common
01-009 Haimura Moroha Green Common
01-010 Haimura Moroha Green Common
01-011 Haimura Moroha Green Common
01-012 Haimura Moroha Green Common
01-013 Flaga Green Common
01-014 Elena Arshavina Green Common
01-015 Elena Arshavina Green Common
01-016 Elena Arshavina Green Common
01-017 Elena Arshavina Green Common
01-018 Elena Arshavina Green Common
01-019 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Super Rare
01-020 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Rare
01-021 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Rare
01-022 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Rare
01-023 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Rare
01-024 Sarasha Yellow Super Rare
01-025 Kanzaki Tokiko Yellow Common
01-026 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Common
01-027 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Common
01-028 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Common
01-029 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Common
01-030 Ranjou Satsuki Yellow Common
01-031 Sarasha Yellow Common
01-032 Kanzaki Tokiko Yellow Common
01-033 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Super Rare
01-034 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Rare
01-035 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Rare
01-036 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Rare
01-037 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Rare
01-038 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Rare
01-039 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Rare
01-040 Witch of Netherworld Blue Super Rare
01-041 Angela Johnson Blue Rare
01-042 Sir Edward Lampard Blue Common
01-043 Katya Eschvna Honda Blue Common
01-044 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Common
01-045 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Common
01-046 Urushibara Shizuno Blue Common
01-047 Witch of Netherworld Blue Common
01-048 Angela Johnson Blue Common
01-049 Angela Johnson Blue Common
01-050 Angela Johnson Blue Common
01-051 Angela Johnson Blue Common
01-052 Sir Edward Lampard Blue Common
01-053 Suruga Andou Blue Common
01-054 Vasilia Yuryevna Mostovaya Blue Common
01-055 Katya Eschvna Honda Blue Common
01-056 Isurugi Jin Blue Common
01-057 Shimon Maya Red Super Rare
01-058 Shimon Maya Red Super Rare
01-059 Shimon Maya Red Rare
01-060 Shimon Maya Red Rare
01-061 Momochi Haruka Red Super Rare
01-062 Momochi Haruka Red Rare
01-063 Yuri Oregvitch Zhirkov Red Common
01-064 Shimon Maya Red Common
01-065 Shimon Maya Red Common
01-066 Shimon Maya Red Common
01-067 Shimon Maya Red Common
01-068 Shimon Maya Red Common
01-069 Shimon Maya Red Common
01-070 Momochi Haruka Red Common
01-071 Momochi Haruka Red Common
01-072 Momochi Haruka Red Common
01-073 Momochi Haruka Red Common
01-074 Yuri Oregvitch Zhirkov Red Common
01-075 Savior Green Common
01-076 Thunderstorm Helix Green Common
01-077 Barbecue Yellow Common
01-078 Pajama Party Yellow Common
01-079 Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishou Blue Rare
01-080 Spelling Blue Common
01-081 Reunion Kiss Blue Common
01-082 Transient Gate Blue Common
01-083 Inherited Secret Magic Blue Common
01-084 Harem Members Red Rare
01-085 Wife and Little Sister of a Previous Life Red Rare
01-086 Operations Unit Red Common
01-087 Beyond Two Lives Red Common
01-088 Cute Body Pillow Red Common

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