This section lists all Promo cards by series.

Movie "Kara no Kyokai" Mirai FukuinEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Kokutou Mikiya & Ryougi Shiki Character Green
P-002 Kamekura Mitsuru & Ryougi Mana Character Yellow
P-003 Ryougi Shiki Character Blue
P-004 Ryougi Shiki Character Blue
P-005 Ryougi Shiki Character Blue
P-006 Seo Shizune Character Yellow
P-007 Future Vision Event Blue
P-008 The Tale Which Comes After Event Green

Wake Up, Girls!Edit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Shimada Mayu Character Red
P-002 Hayashida Airi Character Blue
P-003 Hayashida Airi & Shimada Mayu Character Red
P-004 Hisami Nanami Character Red
P-005 Nanase Yoshino Character Blue
P-006 Kikuma Kaya Character Green
P-007 Katayama Minami Character Yellow
P-008 Idol's Afternoon Event Red
P-009 Nobody Can Stop These Feelings Event Red
P-010 We Rush Up Event Blue
P-012 Stage Lesson Event Green

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no ZvezdaEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Jimon Asuta & Hoshimiya Kate Character Red
P-002 Dva & Lord Venera Character Red
P-003 Conquer All Mankind Event Red
P-004 1 Little Girl Event Red
P-005 Together We'll Conquer Event Blue
P-006 Hoshimiya Kate Character Red
P-007 Shikabane Itsuka Character Red
P-008 Natasha Character Blue
P-009 Komadori Renge Character Yellow

No Game, No LifeEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Sora & Shiro Character Blue
P-002 Shiro & Steph Character Blue
P-003 Jibril Character Blue
P-004 Steph Character Red
P-005 Kurami Character Red
P-006 Not Losing the Fight Event Green
P-007 Punishment Event Yellow

Mahouka Koukou no RettouseiEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Shiba Tatsuya & Shiba Miyuki Character Blue
P-002 Shiba Tatsuya Character Blue
P-003 Shiba Miyuki Character Blue
P-004 Shiba Miyuki & Shiba Tatsuya Character Blue
P-005 Shiba Miyuki & Shiba Tatsuya Character


P-006 Talented People Event Blue
P-007 Confrontation Event Yellow

Black BulletEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Aihara Enju Character Red
P-002 Satomi Rentaro & Tendo Kisara Character Blue
P-003 Aihara Enju Character Red
P-004 Seitenshi & Satomi Rentaro Character Green
P-005 War Suppression Event Blue
P-006 Midsummer Vacation Event Green
P-007 Tenchu Black Character Blue
P-008 Tenchu Blue Character Blue
P-009 Tenchu Green Character Green
P-010 Tenchu Pink Character Red
P-011 Tenchu Red Character Red
P-012 Tenchu Violet Character Blue
P-013 Tenchu Yellow Character Yellow
P-014 Tenchu Blue & Tenchu Red & Tenchu Pink Character Red

Seirei Tsukai no BladedanceEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Claire Rouge & Terminus Est Character Blue
P-002 Terminus Est Character Blue
P-003 Ellis Fahrengart Character Blue
P-004 Fianna Ray Ordesia Character Green
P-005 Claire Rouge & Rinslet Laurenfrost Character Yellow
P-006 Hell Cat Girl Event Red

Yuki Yuna wa Yuusha de AruEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Yuki Yuna Character Red
P-002 Yuki Yuna Character Red
P-003 Togo Mimori Character Blue
P-004 Birthday Party Event Red
P-005 Karaoke Event Yellow
P-006 Decisive Battle Event Green
P-007 Resulting Divination Event Blue

Amagi Brilliant ParkEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Latifa Fleuranza & Sento Isuzu Character Red
P-002 Sento Isuzu Character Red
P-003 Latifa Fleuranza Character Green
P-004 Moffle Character Blue
P-005 Muse Character Blue
P-006 Salama Character Red
P-007 Sylphy Character Yellow
P-008 Kobory Character Green

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou kaEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Bell & Hestia & Aizu Character Blue
P-002 Bell Cranel Character Red
P-003 Hestia Character Blue
P-004 Hestia Character Blue
P-005 Aizu Wallenstein Character Green
P-006 Liliruca Arde Character Yellow
P-007 Chantless Magic Event Red

Seiken Tsukai no Kinju EishouEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Ranjou Satsuki Character Red
P-002 Ranjou Satsuki Character Yellow
P-003 Urushibara Shizuno Character Blue
P-004 Momochi Haruka Character Red
P-005 Ranjou Satsuki Character Yellow
P-006 Urushibara Shizuno Character Blue

Chaos DragonEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Zhenhua Lou & Swallow Character Red
P-002 Ibuki Character Red
P-003 Eiha Character Blue
P-004 Swallow Character Yellow
P-005 Zhenhua Lou Character Blue
P-006 Kaguraba Character Blue
P-007 Meryl Character Green
P-009 Eiha Character Red
P-010 Eiha Character Red
P-011 Swallow Character Green
P-012 Meryl Character Green
P-014 Swallow Character Green
P-015 Zhenhua Lou Character Yellow

Persona 3 The MovieEdit

Card ID Card Name Type Color
P-001 Yuki Makoto Character Blue
P-002 Yuki Makoto Character Blue
P-003 Yuki Makoto Character Blue
P-004 Yuki Makoto Character Blue
P-005 Yuki Makoto Character Blue
P-007 Mochizuki Ryouji Character Yellow
P-008 Aegis & Yuki Makoto Character Blue
P-009 Aegis & Yuki Makoto Character Green
P-010 Koromaru & Aegis Character Green

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